Epicuren Treatments


A medically-based discovery, Epicuren is the most important

advance in skin regeneration ever made.


This discovery was first noticed in hospitals where physicians

treating burn patients became aware of a dermal phenomenon. 

When certain treatments were applied to the burned area, the

cells of adjacent skin covered by the medications became healthier

and more vital.  This consistent rejuvenation of skin cells was proven

again and again under demanding conditions.


The realization that a highly-effective cosmetic potential existed

in the application of related solutions to aging skin led, in turn,

to the development of Epicuren.


The Epicuren System does not stop at simply retarding the aging process, but instead, moving forward by helping to reactivate and re-energize existing skin cells, and bringing them back to life.


The Epicuren System is based upon the application of a pre-digested, waterborne enzyme-vitamin-protein solution to provide the better skin health and appearance that comes with cell regeneration. 


Although it brings about a noticeable cosmetic improvement, the Epicuren System is far more than a cosmetic.  It is designed to promote total skin health as well as to improve its appearance.


The Epicuren System is particularly effective because it is a multi-process system, involving the proper cleansing, stimulation, nutrition, moisturization and protection of the skin.  Attention is paid to every aspect of the skin's condition and needs.


Although many products claim to offer cosmetic improvement, they are, for the most part, simply lubricating and moisturizing agents.


Moisturization is simply the final benefit the skin derives from the six-part Epicuren System.  Each preceding step also brings definite benefits to aging skin.


It is the most effective skin treatment with which dermatologists are acquainted today - a scientifically-proven system that can help make a definite improvement in the appearance of your skin and is completely guaranteed!


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