Glycolic Peels

Skin texture, superficial blemishes, age spots, enlarged pores and fine lines may be improved by a number of noninvasive skin revi­talizing treatments.
Glycolic acid is one of a larger group of alpha hydroxy acids, derived from natural sources such as fruit and milk. 
It is used in varying con­centrations as a light but prescription-strength peeling solution to reduce the visible signs of aging and sun damage. 
A single glycolic acid peel per­formed in office may produce the freshening effect you are looking for. 
Many patients, however, elect to undergo a series of light peels to achieve greater improvement. 
A prescription-strength gly­colic acid cream or lotion may also be recommended for home use. 
Glycolic acid preparations work beneath the skin's surface to help loosen and eliminate damaged skin cells, unclog pores and impart a healthier glow. 
Glycolic acid creams and lotions may sometimes include bleaching agents that further improve irregular pigmentation.

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